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“At Didatic by Edicare, more than bedtime books or charming stories, we have books that are not for sleeping, but for waking up. 
 We have games, puzzles, experiment and craft workshops, activity blocks, “how-to” guides, make-believe worlds. We have science, arts, math, history, the abc and creative writing. We have colors, animals, families, the environment and ecology, we have emotions 
 emotions, the house, the kitchen, the garden, and the seasons. We have 
 alternative learning content, teaching materials, pop-ups, animated windows, lots of interaction and “do it yourself! We have the first words, the first sensations, the time, the bath, and the sounds! We have curiosity, lots of questions, and some answers. 
 We have love. 
 We look back to yesterday, but always, to tomorrow. We want to understand how all things are done and where we will be in the future. 
 From zero to 99 years old, we want to challenge everyone to be part of this adventure. 
 We want to be the experience you don’t forget, that childhood memory that makes you smile throughout your life. 
 Our story is made of stories. 
 We want to show paths, open windows, make you dream and fly.”

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