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Portuguese Soul. Brazilian heart.
At Braza, we immerse ourselves in a wealth of flavours, combining the best of Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine. Savour succulent barbecues, impeccable grills and classic Brazilian recipes, accompanied by the art of preparing an incredible caipirinha. Our commitment goes beyond taste, it’s about providing a passionate and warm welcome that resonates with every visit.

Our menu has been carefully crafted, each dish bearing the mark of the finest ingredients, carefully selected by our dedicated team. Created by Chef Dudu Mesquita, with over 20 years of culinary experience, the menu takes on a special Brazilian flavour, providing a unique gastronomic experience.

At Braza, the art of hospitality is intrinsic to our identity. We strive to create a cosy atmosphere where each customer feels not just like a visitor, but part of our family.

Welcome to our home, where tradition and hospitality meet, creating a unique experience at Braza.

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