Cybersecurity and Online Fraud


Precautions to observe to avoid potential cybercrime and online fraud situations and increase your security:
  • Check who sends the message – the sender – of emails from free providers (such as, that do not come directly from the entity and may indicate fraudulent messages.

  • Communications from NorteShopping are sent through the following senders:
  3. NorteShopping, in the case of SMS

  • Check the text – spelling errors and unprofessional language, as they indicate fraudulent messages;

  • Check the graphics – unprofessional graphics indicate fraudulent messages;

  • Do not use the links in the messages, always consult the shopping center’s website by manually entering the address and searching for the desired information;

  • NorteShopping does not sell products directly;

  • All promotions from NorteShopping tenants are advertised on official pages;

  • Never share personal data without first confirming the identity and integrity of the sender;

  • NorteShopping never asks for access credentials to bank accounts, PIN codes, or CVV (Card Verification Value) and CVC (Card Verification Code) of debit and credit cards.

In case of doubts, contact the Shopping Center using the form available on the contacts page at: